Mitsu Overstreet stands as a distinguished artist renowned for his expertise in public art, demonstrating a commitment to fostering connections within diverse communities. Through thoughtfully crafted art installations, Mitsu aims to facilitate learning, healing, and personal growth while providing a platform for individuals to express their identities.

With a rich background encompassing graphic design, education, and public art, Mitsu continually challenges his creative boundaries, employing his skills to make a positive impact on his community. Currently collaborating with a creative team and faculty at the University of Texas at El Paso, he actively contributes to innovative teaching and learning experiences.

A graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Mitsu has showcased his installations in various locations, including El Paso, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and Atlantic City. Notably, he recently concluded a highly acclaimed mural installation covering 7,500 sq ft for the City of El Paso. Looking ahead to 2024, Mitsu is poised to install a groundbreaking 22 ft long terrazzo bench featuring educational augmented reality technology for La Nube, the El Paso Children’s Museum, further solidifying his impactful contributions to the intersection of art and community engagement.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – California College of the Arts


Public Art Installations:

La Nube, El Paso Children’s Museum  – Flow Interactive Terrazzo Bench
Commissioned by La Nube, El Paso Children’s Museum and the City of El Paso
El Paso, TX


City of El Paso  – “JUNTOS”
Commissioned Mural Installation
El Paso, TX


El Paso International Airport  – “The River / El Rio: Both Sides, No Sides”
Public Art Terrazzo Floor Installation, El Paso, TX


Journey Mural Installation  

Atlantic City, NJ


El Paso International Airport  

River Spirit Public Art Terrazzo Floor Installation  

El Paso, TX  

Tricky Falls Movie Set Installation  

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Film Production


Dream Fountain Collaborative Multimedia Installation  

with artist Gera Lozano, Chalk the Block, El Paso, TX  


Therapy for Fear of Birds Art Installation  

Tri-State Cosmetology School, El Paso, TX


Fear Head Collaborative Mural Commission  

Group Public Art Show Wonderland, San Francisco, CA


Regeneration Mural Commission  

City of El Paso, Museum and Cultural Affairs Dept.


Revolution Mural Commission  

Dream Center Youth Church, Las Cruces, NM


Private Installations:

Navajo Chief Rug Mural  

James C. Faris, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Navajo Chief Rug Mural  

James C. Faris, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Navajo Chief Rug Mural  

Park Kerr


Group Exhibitions:

Reconnect Interactive Art Installation  

Currents 2012, New Media Art Festival, Santa Fe, NM  

Burning Yucca Mural Installation  

Inquisitive Eyes at the El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX


Home Collaborative Public Art Installation  

Temple to the Future, El Paso, TX  

Group Street Art Exhibition  

El Paso, TX


Wrekage Collaborative Mural installation  

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico 


Silos Mural Art Installation  

Silo Street Art Gallery, El Paso, Texas  

deepCore Digital Art Installation  

Urban Gallery, El Paso, TX


High Five Redbull  

Live Aerosol Art Billboard Installation for Cinco de Mayo, El Paso, TX


Agnomena 915: Aerosol Art in the Border City  

UTEP Union Gallery Exhibition