Kristen Stroud Rebrand

Folder Design



Express the growth of the brand into a team based organization with multiple realtors.

Express work-ethic and attention to the quality service of the organization. With a direction using a gold bee as a symbol.

Express a sense of elegant, confidence, in charge professionalism, and experience to help show the trust and dependability of her and her team.

Create a Memorable mark that will help hold in the minds of people who experience the brand.

Create a brand that holds up in current and modern communication venues.

Option A

Kristen Stroud Group wording: The recommendation here is to set the name to “Kristen Stroud Group” to help express there is a team behind the organization.


Alternate Uses

Monogram & Abstract Logo Mark

The monogram is inspired by the spirit of the honey bee. The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination. Their honeycomb nests represents the network or resources, hard work and quality of the service provided by the Kristen Stroud Team.

Looking at this icon from another perspective one can see an image of a rose or geometric flower.



Attractive and unassuming lettering of the city whose neutral and equable style defies the passage of time.


Blue – Pantone 2738 C

Gold Foil or Pantone 10121 C


Business Card

This card design will have a heavy weight card stock paper with a gold foil logo mark and trim.

Option Bee

Monogram, Honeycomb, Bee Icon

Interestingly, I was able create the image of a bee inside of the “K” and honeycomb icon. This idea takes the concept even further into the inspiration, spirit and principles of hard work the bee represents.


Rufina – Bold

Simplicity, delicacy and elegance are the words that best characterize Rufina. Refined and at the same time distant, seduces the viewer in a subtle and elegant manner.

Social Media Branding

Website Branding

Promotional Branding Support

Custom Branded House Key

A custom house key would be a great branding tool for people who successfully achieved getting a house with your services. Potential brand impressions could happen a couple times a day for a lifetime.

Promotional Yard Sign

One way to heighten the brand engagement is to create custom signage that builds on the visual language of the brand and holds up where other traditional signs do not. This sign concept will create a strong connection to this brands communication style and hold up in the evening where most signs will fail to capture attention in low light. It would be custom built and use solar LED light technology to keep it lit in the evening. It will also have space allowed for QR code decals to help connect to the brands online presence and track leads.

This yard sign mock show how the LED lights will illuminate the sign during the evening making it easier to read for people house searching at night.